The Manhattan Fish Market

Just this Tuesday, I tagged along CF and joined her in a food tasting session at The Manhattan Fish Market located in Marina Square. MFM is introducing a new menu to its patrons soon. Check out this long post of food photos below. (pardon me on some of the badly taken photos)

Sunset by The Bay $6.00 - There is nothing more relaxing than sipping on our Earl Grey tea mixed with peachy fruit bites, as the beautiful crimson sun dips into the deep blue ocean. - I like this cooler. Sweet with a tinge of flavour and it's hydrating.

Tex Mex Mussels $5.95 - A Classic recipe from old Mexico and Texas. Delicious sauteed mussels with garlic and capsicum with a touch of spice.

Quad Delight $13.95 - Can't decide what to have and want a piece of everything? Now you can have the 4 fin-tastic starters with our Quad Delight with fried country mushroom, fried calamari, cranberry coleslaw and chilled seafood mix.

Citrus Mesclun Salad with Cajun Chicken $9.95 - The salad that's never a side dish. Enjoy grilled Cajun chicken breast on a bed of mesclun salad for a light but hearty meal. - I like the combination of the cranberry bits and nuts, as they add on to the taste of the tasty chicken and greens.

Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger $13.95 - Gently poached salmon fillet in a delicious stock to retain its natural goodness while giving it an amazing flavour. Topped with a sunny side up and drizzled with pepper mayo, it is surely worth the gazillion bites. 

Citrus Baked Seafood $15.95 - An assortment of dory fish, baby octopus and scallops baked with a tangy marinade with garden herbs.

Calamari Mussels Chicken (CMC) $17.95 - Delicious chicken tenders, grilled calamari and sambal mussels with a side of chips, hot veggies and Garlic Herb rice. Who says you can't have the best of both poultry and seafood?

Grilled Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce $16.95 - Served with ultra smooth mashed potato and veggies

Manhattan Velvet Cake $5.90 - This gem melts in your mouth with every bite conveying a lingering "velvety" sweetness. - In between the velvet cake, there's a layer of yellow, pineapple flavoured layer. A very fresh fruity taste, and with the scoop of icecream and cranberry bits, a delicious dessert after a hearty meal.

Sizzling Pineapple Cake with Vanilla Sauce $8.90 - Moist pineapple cake with an unusual twist of vanilla sauce, the perfect sweet course to end your meal. - In between the pineapple cake, there's a layer of cream cheese. With the melted caramel on top, the entire dessert is very flavourful. Delicious.

The outlet in Marina Square has been renovated since Marina Square had a facelift.
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-183, Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6338 8116
Business Hours : 11am - 10pm

The Manhattan Fish Market

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