Sitex 2013 : Our loot

Sitex 2013 was held at Singapore Expo for the from Thursday to Sunday. We were there on Saturday morning. We were 15 minutes early before they opened the exhibition doors. To my surprise, many people were already gathered outside the exhibition doors. I wonder what was the pull? 

Since we were early, we went to the other exhibition halls to check out other sales. 

The advantage of going to Sitex early is that the crowd is not as horrible as those later in the day. At least we can walk with our arms flapping by our sides and moving at our own speed. Crowded IT related fairs usually means walking at skin contact with people around you and at snail speed. 

Here's our loot from Sitex. 

A tripod that is on sale from Courts. $15, UP $45. My current tripod has a broken lever. 

Our main aim was to get a set of Xbox 360, a gift to ourselves for our 11th year anniversary. Our original intention was to get the Xbox 360 250GB + Kinect at $499, but the set had already been sold out. Disappointed. So we settled for the set of Xbox 360 4GB + Kinect at $399. Includes 2 wireless controllers, 2 games and a $20 gift card.

We had fun playing when we got home. I guess we need more games. 

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