Hifumi Japanese Restaurant

Lunch was at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Singapura. It's my first time seeing the restaurant without a queue. Haha. So next time, go during lunch. And there are alot of available tables too.

Here, we are entitled to the appetiser bar for free with every main course ordered. And it's free flow. Eat all you can. Nice. Top-up $1.99++ to get free flow of drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks).
There are quite a number of appetisers. Feel spoilt for choices. And it is free flow. But considering my main course, I had better choose carefully and not have any food wastage. 

Chawanmushi. Lots of them. And to be honest. It taste really nice. Not the kind that "since it's free, we dilute the egg. Dilute the quality". Nope. It's solid quality.

My meagre choice from the appetiser bar. I wish to take more. But I better leave my tummy for my main.

My main: Katsu (Pork) Curry Set. $13.99++ - The curry is unexpectedly spicy (I have low tolerance for spicy food). I thought it would be the sweet kind of curry. The pork is a little too hard though. The accompanying miso soup is thick and has seaweed and dried beancurd in it.

I can't wait to go there again. Going to bring the hubby there to try out. Will have photos then.

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Singapura #04-68
Marina Square #02-106A

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