Prince Taiwan Porridge

I wasn't feeling that well, with a pretty bad appetite the entire day, not able to finish my food. Hubby decided that we will have a light dinner. Taiwan porridge near Bukit Panjang. We went past the place several times and yet to try out the place.

The place was pretty full when we reached about 8pm. Maybe we expected more from the place due to its name. So when we went through to menu only to see a tse char list, and not really the Taiwanese delicacies that we were hoping for, we were a little disappointed. But we still placed our order. We chose "healthier", easy-on-the-stomach dishes.

Steamed Minced Pork with Egg Yolk - $7.00 (without GST) - When the dish came, our jaws dropped. Haha.. It looked very very very different from the menu and from the yummy steamed minced pork with egg yolk that we had in Taiwan. Ok, we gave it a chance, not judging a book by its cover. And sad to say, we were unable to finish even one third of it. The minced pork stinks badly. The hubby says the meat is not fresh. Even when I attempt to dip a piece of the meat in chilli to cover the taste, the foul taste is still there. Yucks. Disappointment.

Tapioca Leaves - $8.00 (without GST) - This dish, taste normal. Just that, it costs $8.00 for a plate of vegetables, with nothing else. A VERY very expensive plate of vegetables. Sorry. I am not happy with this dish at all. Not worth it.

Beancurd with Preserved Egg - $7.00 (without GST) - This looks nice. And luckily, it tastes nice too. Cold toufu and preserved egg with pork floss. I am glad that finally something tastes nice.

On the menu, they mentioned that the wet tissues are not refundable. So, we have to use them. Each wet tissue costs $0.30 (without GST).

The meal costs a total of $30.40 (includes 7% GST). Each bowl of sweet potato porridge costs $0.60 (without GST). I had a bottle of barley drink at $2.50 (without GST), while the hubby had a hot chinese tea at $1.50 (without GST).

To be honest, we were both very very disappointed in the dinner. I'm not sure if it was because of our choice of dishes, or maybe the food were not to our taste, especially since there are so many people dining there. Sorry, but I will not be going back there for a second time. No no...

Prince Taiwan Porridge
921A Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678202

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