Black Box - Loreal Ever Sleek Smoothing System - My first "box", Black Mini

I finally received my first Black Box. So happy and excited! I had subscribed for it quite some time back but has not yet receive any box. I believe to receive one, one have to join their survey, and they will go through the submissions, then select those that are in the target audiences group to send out their black boxes? That's how I finally got this.

To be honest, the Black Box wasn't what I had anticipated. I was hoping to really receive a physical box, but I guess this round, I'm only getting the Black Mini haha..
Black Box has partnered with L'Oreal Paris Hair Care to bring subscribers something new and exciting – Black Mini! 

Loreal Ever Sleek Smoothing System
  • 100% Free of Drying Sulfates
  • 100% Sulfate Free
  • Zero Harshness
  • 48HR Frizz Control
  • Free of Heavy Silicone
  • More Effective
All Hair Expertise Shampoos and Conditioner retails for $14.90 each. Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and selected Department Stores nationwide.

I can't wait to try out the sample shampoo and conditioner. My hair is soooo dry and frizzy. Do you think it is able to work miracles? I'm sooo want to look a wee bit prettier for tomorrow's Singapore Blog Awards. Ohhhh.. I'm not a finalist, I'm just a amateur blogger-reporter, all thanks to Follow the results on twitter #omySBA2013.

Black Box

Loreal Ever Sleek Smoothing System

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