Bangkok Jam

A Friday night out dinner with the hubby at Marina Square. Boy~ the placed changed alot. This shows that I had not been there for a very long time. The entire area at the entrance from City Link Mall was changed. There were many new restaurants.

I was surprised to see Bangkok Jam. And that's the place I wish to try out. There is always a long queue at the  outlet in Plaza Singapura. So I was surprised and excited at the no-queue Bangkok Jam at Marina Square. Bangkok Jam is one of the restaurants in the Creative Eateries group.

Stylish modern place. Pretty empty around 9.30pm

It was almost 9 pm when we finally got to meet to eat. Crowded, but seats were still available. Decided on what to eat and ordered. The menu is a 2 sided A3 board.

Bangkok Jam as in the bottled jams. haha cute.

And while waiting (very long wait), we saw some interesting stuff. I'll share later in the post. Feast first. 

Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce Marina (recommended) [$9.50] - Chicken wings came first. And we were without utensils. Intended to ask for them when the next dish comes. But it was wayyyy long later. Anyway, the chicken wings tastes quite nice, crispy and tender, even though it turned cold from waiting. 

Fish Maw Soup [$9.90] - Soup came next. Still without utensils. The soup is very thick and tasty. There were alot of fish maw, some crab meat and some crab stick. Very tasty nice. 

Vietnamese-style Fresh Spring Rolls with Grilled Pork (recommended) [$10.90] - Lastly, the spring roll. I thought it was the fried version. Nevertheless, tasty too. The crunchy vegetables and pork wrapped by a thin skin, add a little of the the sauce and chilli, it was delicious. Size of the pork a little small though.

Oh our white rice finally came too. 

And so, the story.

Besides waiting for our utensils to come, the wait for the food was long too. Customers who left long ago, the tables were still cluttered with used plates and bowls and stuff, until we were about to finish our meal then the waiter went to clear, very very slowly. While I was complaining about the utensils, the table next to us was asking about their orders, and was notified that their orders were not processed (later we heard that the orders had already keyed in, but not processed). They left very angrily. Hubby also noticed a chef dressed person taking orders like a waiter. 

Later, we chatted with the chef-waiter, and then know that they were very understaffed due to the policy change in manpower. Locals vs FT. Some of the staff were borrowed from the sister restaurant at the opposite side of the mall. Even the chef-waiter is from there too. 

Even though the restaurant has been opened for about 2 weeks, but the staffing problem caused alot of trouble for the customers and staff. I do understand the problems in business point of view, but as a customer, this leaves a pretty bad experience.

I just hope that their staffing problem improves. Their food tastes really nice. It would be a waste if this kind of customer experience continues. And caused the reputation. Now I wonder what was the reason behind the long queue in Plaza Singapura. 

Bangkok Jam
Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road, #03-85, Singapore 238839 | Tel: 6341 9188
Wheelock Place 501 Orchard Rd, #02-04/05, Singapore 238880 | Tel: 6836 0989
Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-26, Singapore 237994 | Tel: 6732 452
Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-105B/105C, Singapore 039594  | Tel: 6339 8787

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