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19 June 2013 6.45pm (PSI at 6pm:161)

The PSI, Pollutant Standards Index, hit a new high last night at 10pm. The readings on NEA website indicates the PSI was 321, a Hazardous level. Shocking.

When the haze first reached Singapore, I was being optimistic, thinking and hoping that, it will just last for maybe two days and with an unexpected rain, everything will be back to normal. Now I am hoping that it will rain soon, so that we can at least take a breather for a while.

The visibility is getting worse. The skyscrapers in town are "disappearing". Being on the road is not safe too. Drivers have to be even more careful especially with the low visibility on the road. Some friends posted even LOWER visibility photos on facebook... omg...

20 June 2013 9.40am (PSI at 9am:131)
20 June 2013 9.40am (PSI at 9am:131)

Now, the PSI reads 371 at 1pm. A new HIGH. Now breathing has become such a chore, my nose and throat hurts with each breath. The first two days was still tolerable for me, but now... omg...

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