Gordon Ramsay Accepts SingTel's and Food Bloggers' Challenge

Amazing challenge. Gordon Ramsey vs Singapore Hawkers.

At 10am on 5 June, a challenge was issued to Ramsay by Singapore's more popular food bloggers. With the support of SingTel, they have asked the most (in)famous awardee of Michelin stars to engage in a cook-off with the country's most popular hawker. (quoted from hungrygowhere.com)

(Image from http://www.hawkerheroes.com/)

Daniel's Food Diary owner, Daniel Ang, posted this on his blog:
So Dr Leslie Tay asked if a Michelin star chef like Gordon Ramsay can fry a plate of char kway teow as good as Hill Street’s Mr Ng? Well, even though chef Ramsay has 14 stars under his belt, the answer is maybe (with no offence intended) no.

Vote for your favourite hawkers on http://www.hawkerheroes.com/ to take on the challenge.

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