New Dainty Candy

Completed tweaking my new blog skin. With new widgets to display more things.

Here's my previous candy pink on black wood texture background. Reserved colour for text.

Here's my new pastel colour skin, with pastel turquoise as the primary colour.

With the new right column, I have added more widgets. Instagram gallery, showing some of my latest photos on Instagram. Twitter feed, pulling and displaying my tweets. Blog roll, showing the latest posts by my friends and some blogs I read. Added in a javacript back to top button.

And also instead of sticking my header to the top of my browser in my second version, I stuck the footer to the bottom of my browser in this version. Changed the footer into a one liner, with some of my social links at the bottom.

Not a drastic change though. Love my new blog skin.


  1. I love your new blog design too. The color scheme is very pretty. Well done :)