Bugis Junction Food Trail - Siam Kitchen

Fourth stop: 
Siam Kitchen
Bugis Junction #02-46 | Tel: 6337 3777

Siam Kitchen, a Thai cuisine dining concept, is part of the Creative Eateries Group. Serves popular and favourite Thai food that is suitable for all ages. The only Halal F&B in the group.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup [$7.60] - Authentic hot, sour and spicy soup with seafood and fragrant herbs - an international winner! - Hot and spicy. One mouthful, and I had to chase for iced water. But the sour spicy soup is shiok.

Siam Siam Grilled Combo Platter [$22.90] - An attractive mix of chicken, squid, beef and prawns -
slowly grilled to perfection. - A combo platter is the best choice when you can't decide which to eat. Deliciously grilled.

Deep Fried Whole Garoupa Fish with Chilli Dip/Mango Sauce [$23.90] - The meat of the fish is separated from the body, fried in pieces.

Grilled Honey-Marinated Boneless Chicken [$12.90]A classic favourite, found on almost every street corner in Bangkok. - Sweet tasty honey boneless chicken. Easy to eat without having to worry about bones.

Our itinerary for the day:
  1. Everything with Fries
  2. Platypus Kitchen
  3. Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
  4. Siam Kitchen (We are here)
  5. Kazokutei
  6. nydc
  7. Fish & Co. Restaurant
  8. Honguo Red Pot
  9. Yummi Bites
  10. Maggie's Moos

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