Bugis Junction Food Trail - nydc

Sixth stop: 
Bugis Junction #02-47/48 | Tel: 6333 3161

nydc is a place where people connect, relax and enjoy great food with good friends. nydc has been around in Singapore since 1995 with its first outlet in Holland Village.

A dessert stop in the middle of the food trail. An energy booster. It's interesting to see that almost everyone's tummy has a special space just for desserts ;)

Boo Boo [$6.80/slice or $62/whole] - nydc friends’ chocolate cake with piped swirls of light whipped cream. So good, diners come back or this time and again. - Who says eating chocolate is sinful? It's heaven. Oh my oh my... The rich chocolate came to life with each mouthful.

Goldmine Cheesecake [$7.20/slice or $68/whole] - It’s Ally’s New York Cheesecake with chocolate chunks, slathered with irresistible chocolate fudge topping. And did we mention a solid Oreo cookie base? - Cheesecake with oreo cookie base! The cheesecake is not the kind of overpowering cheesy taste. It's just nice and the oreo cookies made it even tastier.

Goldmine Cheesecake (one slice) - Can you see the Oreo cookie at the bottom of the cake?

3-some (mudpie) [$11.80/slice] - It’s ménage à trois of the guilt-free kind! Get wild and gooey while sandwiched between 3 layers of chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberry and strawberry cheesecake ice creams and graham crackers. - Mudpie with 3 layers of flavours, hence the name. Huge strawberry to top it off.

Jedi Mudster (mudpie) [$11.80/slice] - The force is tempting us with this one. Double Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut ice cream on an Oreo base with homemade cookie chunks. Complete with chocolate fudge and whipped cream. - YUM! Love. Another "non-sinful" chocolate dessert. Even though the mudpie is a combination of sweetness, it's not overly sweet. The icecream calms us from the hot hot temperature.

Here's what happen when food lands on our table. All cameras in action ^^

All the cakes that we tasted were so delicious that I am unable to rank which is my favourite. Love the taste of all of them.

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Our itinerary for the day:
  1. Everything with Fries
  2. Platypus Kitchen
  3. Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
  4. Siam Kitchen
  5. Kazokutei
  6. nydc (We are here)
  7. Fish & Co. Restaurant
  8. Honguo Red Pot
  9. Yummi Bites
  10. Maggie's Moos

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